1 year moving together! Happy Birthday Hyba!

October 2015. A Reitmans sister banner is born to allow working women to find the best activewear designed to bring them towards their wellness goals.

One year later, we are proud of the work we have accomplished! With 19 Hyba stores throughout the country and our minds full of new ideas to grow our dynamic brand, we are reaching for the stars!


Reflecting on our success, we realize none of this could have happened without you! If Hyba has positively inspired you, it’s only because you have inspired us daily and continue to do so.

To highlight our first birthday, we are organizing a celebration in store on October 8th. Up-tempo beats, front window yoga, and a surprise sale… How could you resist? Come along and visit one of our Hyba stores, and maybe even splurge a little on our newest fall running and training collections.

Do you live near Laval or Toronto? From 11 a.m., come and enjoy the celebration at Carrefour Laval or the Toronto Eaton Centre for yoga in the front window, spinning, free beverages and gifts in store. We really want to treat you and thank you!

We are absolutely looking forward to meeting you, our dear Hyba shopper. You for whom we work tirelessly every day; you who we want to keep inspired, motivated and strong in all your sports challenges and beyond!

So, save the date, and let’s get together on October 8 in your Hyba store!

We can’t wait to see you!