About our bloggers

Valentine Bonhomme-Vachon

Valentine is a content specialist for Hyba, a freelance copywriter and a lifestyle blogger in Montreal. A notable words and concepts magician, she’s been putting her heart and brains in the field of communications for the past 10 years. Her mantra? A healthy spirit in a healthy body! That’s why she loves running with her headset on, practising Pilates as well as meditation. Above all, Valentine gets a kick at trying new healthy recipes – especially creating colourful salads with surprising ingredients. A lover of cats and vintage clothing, Valentine is also stage actress, an occasional writer, improvisator and a world traveler.

Coco Finaldi

Coco is a certified Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Spinning & group fitness Instructor and Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner. She practices what she preaches: discipline and integrity. She lives and breathes health and fitness. Coco pairs her energy, athleticism and strength with presence and mindfulness; qualities she shares with her students and clients. She is inspired by nature and urban settings. She is a committed raw foodie and also a moon worshipper, music & travel lover and a total health nut. She splits her time between Vancouver and Montreal and her years of studies, travels and expertise have landed her a place on the Hyba team where she consults, creates and writes about what moves her the most.